BTS Mandy Heng Catalogue Shoot

Fashion Catalogue Shoot for Mandy Heng Clothing line SS11/12 Behind The Scenes Video (BTS) Shot using a Canon 1DsMIII with 70-200mm L IS lens. Lighting using a Paul Buff 86″ PLM with Hyandai Ace Neos (RimeLite), Canon 580/550EX Speedlites & 60cm Foldable strobist softbox. Designer: Mandy Heng Hair & Makeup: Amanda Johnson Model:…

Photo: Chris David Photography; Model: Sharna Southan, Hair & Makeup: Leisa Stephenson, 
Wardobe: Gerry Shaw

BTS Sharna Southan for Mrs Australia Shoot

Behind the Scenes video of photoshoot for Sharna Southan – Mrs Australia Finalist 2011 Model: Sharna Southan Photography: Chris David Photography Hair & Makeup: Leisa Stephenson Wardobe: Gerry Shaw dresses provided by Guise Fashion Photo Assistant: Phillip Valenzuela “The World Will Break” Free Royalty Free Music by

Gigapixel Panoramic of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Appropriately a 1Gigapixel image of the town and landscape of El Nido in the Islands of Palawan in the Philippines. The image was taken on top of dark, razor sharp, limestone cliffs after a two hour climb up. The majority of boats seen in this image are used for island hopping, fishing and scuba diving…