Scuba Diving El Nido – Pawalan, Philippines

A compilation from my triple boat dive in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines with El Dive covering multiple locations. Underwater video taken with Canon 5DmIII, 16-35mm f4L IS fitted with a Magic filter and S&S correction filter, Ikelite Housing + dome port. Music tracks sourced from and edited/graded in Davinci Resolve

Dance of the Sirens - Flowing models in dance

Underwater Dance of the Sirens

Underwater Dance A beautiful and creative visual composition of models flowing and dancing underwater captured by photographer Chris David with featuring music sourced and licenced from . In these crazy times and more hours at home instead of the office or field I decided to revisit some of my older works and reuse them…

Charlotte from Royalle Modelling underwater in flowing mauve dress

Underwater Movements with Charlotte

Underwater Movements with Charlotte From our underwater shoot project with the gorgeous Charlotte from Royalle Modelling. We have a slow motion video shot with an Olympus TG5 and edited/colour grading using Da Vinci Resolve. The photos taken with a Canon 5D MIII, 16-35mm F4L IS lens in Ikelite housing. Processed in Adobe Lightroom and Retouched…