Ultraviolet photography started as a technical and experimental project to push through some creative boundaries. The effect of photographing in a completely different wavelength to that of what we naturally see opens another world or reality. Over time my experimentations grew in complexities and also combined into my underwater shoots both in portraits and marine life.
These photos are using a mixture of near ultraviolet to ultraviolet wavelengths primarily using 450nm, 395nm and 365nm. Either using continuous or strobe lighting which have been highly customised for these projects. Scuba diving introduced me fluro or glow diving which really opens your eyes to the underwater world in a way you have never seen it before. Some of the techniques using the 450nm wavelength which is near ultraviolet light became the basis for shooting models though they are with some limitations in colour palette. This gallery starts with the models and gradually goes to the glow diving/marine life at the bottom.